Talk of the Town: As always, fans have eye on ball

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THE row between the SPL and Hearts over players’ wages shows no signs of abating.

Hundreds of fans took to Twitter to express their disbelief at the SPL’s threatened action against the club through the innovative hashtag “SPLyourehavingalaugh”.

Among those highlighting what they see as a ridiculous stance by the governing body was one IanBlackHMFC, who tweeted: “SPL decides that Paul Hartley’s beard broke facial hair regulations – all goals and appearances declared null & void.”

Others used the topic to stick the boot into their city rivals, with one fan tweeting: “Hearts docked 20 points for humiliating a poor and frail organisation called Hibernian FC for over 137 years.”

At least it’s good to see the fans still have a sense of humour.

Never mind, it’ll Don on them eventually

CAMPAIGNING for elections inevitably results in criticism of what others are doing.

But the Liberal Democrat/SNP coalition in Edinburgh has come under fire in the early campaigning for the Aberdeenshire Council elections – by Lib Dem candidates.

An election leaflet for the Lib Dems said: “There’s one thing we are really proud we are NOT doing . . . no vanity projects like trams or new council headquarters.”

Someone should have told them that the Lib Dems have been supportive of the trams since day one and rubber-stamped the purchase of the new council headquarters at Waverley Court.

Snot all bad news

AS get well wishes flood in for peaky panda Yang Guang, the latest news on his condition may leave some green around the gills.

Edinburgh Zoo’s newest star, who has been suffering from colic, has brought up a mucus plug – known as panda slime – and his energy levels have soared as a result.

Head of veterinary services at Edinburgh Zoo Simon Girling said: “We wouldn’t be surprised if Yang Guang expels more panda slime soon before he totally gets back on his feet.”

No Fawlty logic

DOCTOR Who star Karen Gillan had second thoughts about visiting the hotel run by 60s supermodel Jean Shrimpton, whom she plays in a TV drama.

Gillan, a former Telford College student, was cast as photographer David Bailey’s former flame in the BBC4 story, We’ll Take Manhattan.

The 24-year-old said: “I thought about booking into her hotel but decided that might be a bit rude!”