Talk of the Town: Asteroid tribute is out of this world

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HE is one of the greatest science fiction writers of his age, so what better way to commemorate the late Iain Banks than to name a giant rock in space after him.

Following a request by the Minor Planet Center, the International Astronomical Union agreed to name an asteroid after the author.

Sadly, his death came too soon for him to be told, but on June 23 asteroid (5099) was officially named Iainbanks by the IAU, and will be referred to as such for as long as humans endure on Earth.

Zombie killer has a history with undead

HE has made his name battling zombies in the Outpost movies – and actor Gareth Morrison has revealed he has a history of bothering the undead.

Gareth, who is set to appear at the Fringe this year playing Peter Sutcliffe in the play Killers, revealed he was once told off for disturbing a fellow thespian who was busily trying to get into character as a restless spirit.

“Maurice Roeves gave me a massive telling off for looking at him during a take when he was pretending to be a ghost.”

Have a Potter around

IT has provided a picture map of most of the planet – and now Google Maps is extending into the realms of fantasy, by providing a chance to wander the shops of Diagon Alley, the famed street from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The images map the set of Diagon Alley from the Warner Bros. tour in London.

Keeping public tweet

STILL no word on whether giant panda Tian Tian is pregnant, although bosses at Edinburgh Zoo seem determined to keep the public on their toes, tweeting more pictures of the panda frolicking by her pool in the recent sunshine and climbing trees in her enclosure.