Talk of the Town: Band’s gig plans were bridge too far

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QUEENSFERRY-based band Bwani Junction were hoping to play a gig on top of the Forth Bridge to promote their track Two Bridges.

However, Balfour Beatty and Network Rail has turned down the proposal.

Gordon Muir, father of band member Dan Muir, said: “The Beatles played on the rooftop of their recording studio in 1969 and U2 did it in Los Angeles in 1987. It would have been great if Bwani Junction could have staged a short concert for the men who have completed the work on this iconic Scottish landmark.”

Perhaps the band should count their blessings at being spared the tricky problem of working out who would take the drum kit all the way to the top . . .

City’s taking us for a ride with new attraction

THE arrival of Lothian Buses’ new hybrid electric vehicles has inadvertently opened up a whole new tourism opportunity for the city – attracting bus spotters.

While riding one of the swanky new number 10s, we overheard two gents sharing an in-depth analysis of its performance compared with other buses across the UK, complete with model number, date and city. When they reached the end of the route, they stayed on board to go back the other way, such was their excitement.

At their twit’s end . . .

SOME people would have you believe that social networking site Twitter is taking over the world.

Yet it seems like the Twitter fad hasn’t quite caught on at the city council, despite its press department constantly trying to push its own Twitter page.

We recently revealed that the Evening News website had the third most “web hits” on the council’s computers, with 396,290.

In contrast, received a mere 12,120 – putting it in 208th place on the list.

Name to be proud of

SCOTTISH Conservative leadership candidate Murdo Fraser, who wants to transform the toxic Tories into a new centre-right party, was quick to seize on Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement that the Scottish Care and Social Work Inspection Scotland (SCSWIS) will now be known as the Care Inspectorate.

“Changes in name are very fashionable just now,” he observed in parliament.

But Ms Sturgeon replied: “This is not going to be a full-scale rebranding, the organisation is fit for purpose and unlike Murdo Fraser and the Conservative Party, I have never been embarrassed by it.”