Talk of the Town: Be prepared to meet your makar

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IT was a rather appropriate start for the council’s most high-brow committee – culture and leisure – to begin with a poetry reading.

And Edinburgh Makar Ron Butlin’s poem about an Edinburgh downpour that was so bad that gondolas became the primary form of transport certainly seemed to entertain the appreciative audience of councillors.

During a discussion about some of the work involved in being “Edinburgh’s poet laureate”, Mr Butlin referred to a poem he wrote about trams which featured in the Evening News.

“Did you finish it?” quipped deputy council leader Steve Cardownie, who was until recently one of the project’s biggest critics.

Panjiatun Bobby doesn’t have the same ring . . .

CHINA could be on the verge of its very own Greyfriars Bobby story.

It has been reported that a dog who was the only companion to a single resident has refused to leave his graveside, seven days after his death.

Lao Pan passed away earlier this month at the age of 68 in the village of Panjiatun.

His dog was later found by his graveside, and despite all attempts has loyally refused to move.

It could be a folklore tale in the making for the Chinese – provided a Swedish historian doesn’t come along and ruin it.

There’ll be a big bill, Lari

WE always thought children’s author Lari Don was such a tranquil sort.

However, we notice she tweeted this week: “Spammer asking me to adopt a swan for Xmas hasn’t read the vicious swan attack scene in Rocking Horse War. I do like herons though . . .”

Anyone got a heron up for adoption?

Obese beasts wanted

AT this time of year, plenty of people start thinking about a Christmas diet to get in shape before the big festive feast.

And now the veterinary charity PDSA is calling on Edinburgh pet owners to think about the expanding waists of their furry four legged friends as well – with its annual pet slimming competition.

Yes, they are on the hunt for podgy pooches, mega moggies and bulky bunnies to take part in a free six-month diet and exercise programme, with just a few days left for local owners to sign up.

So, if your cat is bigger than your Christmas turkey and your best friend is in desperate need of something to replace his 20-a-day Bonio habit, there’s surely no better gift you can get them.