Talk of the Town: Bemused farmer tyred and emotional

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IT is a question most farmers never have to ask – what to do when your crops have an abandoned car in the middle of them?

For a farmer in West Lothian who discovered a car in his crops following a crash near Bridgend however the answer was simple – just work around it. The result is a field of neatly lined up hay bales, with the upside down black Peugeot resting in the middle.

One local resident said: “I’ve seen tales of council road painters, painting lines around cars parked in the street, but never a farmer harvesting his crop around one.”

Hearts fans’ banner chews up opposition

For supporters of Hearts, this season has been less about points gained than points taken away. And the Jambos have been eating into their 15-point deduction steadily since the start of the season, prompting one fan to create a nifty banner image of a Maroon Pac Man chomping through the deficit in pursuit of Hibs et al.

Lets just hope the Tynecastle side can avoid running into any of those pesky ghosts before they get all the way to the top.

Make tracks for bookies

It won’t be too much longer, hopefully, until trams are running on the city streets, but for now the sight of them in motion can still cause a sensation, with one resident even treating it as a sign of luck, saying: “Unbelievable. Just seen an actual moving Edinburgh tram. Going to get a lottery ticket now.”

Special effects in Leith

The first glimpse of the film version of Sunshine On Leith has arrived, and while the trailer for the film, released in October, shows the Capital at it’s best there is a suspicion that a few special effects may have been used – because the city is bathed in an unusual amount of sunshine.