Talk of the Town: Big Yin makes big noise to back SuBo

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HE’S Glasgow’s Big Yin – in status if not stature.

But this week a combative Billy Connolly came to the defence of fellow Scot Susan Boyle following a documentary poking fun at the West Lothian star.

The comedian launched a scathing attack on the ITV1 programme, which branded the Blackburn diva “an unlikely star” last Friday, calling it a “disgrace”.

He then confirmed his Glasgow roots by telling the audience in London: “I’d like to smack the director in the mouth.”

Taking bold steps to raise awareness of disabilities

AS many a commuter will testify, crossing the Forth Road Bridge can be a frustrating experience at the best of times, so try doing it blindfolded, on crutches or with earplugs in.

As part of efforts to understand the difficulties faced by those with sensory and mobility problems, a group of ten youngsters from West Lothian did just that.

The teenagers, from the West Lothian Youth Action Project, took on the four-mile challenge to raise awareness of the impact disabilities have on those who suffer from them.

Funds raised through the unusual sponsored walk will be finding their way back to the WLYAP and to the charity Disabilities West Lothian.

It is thought they crossed the bridge in a quicker time than the average rush-hour vehicle.

More banger for your buck

POPULAR Edinburgh butcher Crombies must have got in there quick when website domain names became a necessity.

You’d the think the webpage of the Broughton Street butcher would go for something safe like

But not this company, it went straight for the jugular, and has managed to secure the website name

It’s yet another link the business can be proud of . . .

I should coco

IF there are any budding athletes in Edinburgh attempting to boost their performance with a healthy diet, well they can forget it.

At least if they’re dodging chocolate, that is.

Research by the Dairy Council has found that drinking chocolate milk can in fact boost the energy levels of sportsmen and woman.

That has been backed up by university experts across the world, who said it has a particularly good record of helping athletes recover after a gruelling event.

Quite why the Dairy Council, which represents manufacturers of chocolate milk, has chosen to tell Edinburgh athletes of this remains a mystery.