Talk of the Town: Boak goes beyond a joke, McHugh

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SHOWBIZ, eh? It’s just all glamour, all the time, right?

Well, not really, as Greg McHugh, aka Gary Tank Commander, recently illustrated with a story from his days performing on the Fringe.

After drinking until 6am on the day of an important show, McHugh managed to throw up on himself on stage, all under the watchful eye of TV executives.

Actor Will Andrews, who was performing with him, was less than impressed, especially as one sketch saw McHugh, who had had no opportunity to wash his hands, pushing a Tunnocks tea cake into his mouth.

Altogether now – “There’s no business like show business, like no business I know! Everything about is appealing . . .”

Football game that’s just a bit of a racket

IT might be a computer game, but it has addicted football fans dressing in suits for big matches, falling out with their partners and gripping door knobs in lieu of an opposing manager’s hand to shake.

These are just some of the stories to spill from players of the Football Manager series, as revealed in a new book co-written by Capital author Kenny Millar.

One contributor to Football Manager Stole My Life is Adam Clery, son of Hibs legend John Brownlie. He told Kenny of a brush with the law as he tried to lead the Easter Road side to glory.

Adam said: “I was alone in the house and having heard all these screams and shouts for over an hour, he thought he’d better call the local constabulary to check I was ok.

“The more senior copper gave me a lecture, but I swear the other one was a player. He looked at me and in one glance said: ‘I know, mate’.”

Majestic mealtimes

A CAROLS by Candlelight dinner in the state dining room aboard Britannia sounds like a tempting Christmas treat.

Before you start counting the change in the office Christmas do whipround, with dinner starting at £325 per person the local pub might just win the day.

Novelist in training

MANY pass the time on their morning commute with their nose in a book – but one train passenger has decided to write one.

Henry Hepburn takes the train from Falkirk to Waverley every morning and decided to use the time to pen a collection of sporting stories.

As a busy dad, Henry, 37, reckoned it was the perfect to platform to achieve his goal.