Talk of the Town: Brooker prize for Prof Pongoo

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IT’s a curious case of art imitating life imitating art – and all thanks to a man dressed as a penguin. The success in Edinburgh of penguin-suit wearing election candidate Professor Pongoo – aka independent Mike Ferrigan – has emerged as unlikely inspiration for the latest series of dystopian drama Black Mirror.

Writer Charlie Brooker admitted that Professor Pongoo – whose name was inspired by children’s TV penguin Pingu – helped feed into the character of Waldo, a cartoon character who gets elected to parliament in an episode of the series called The Waldo Moment, saying: “The penguin thing I think happened... That just sort of fed into it, we just thought, “Yep, well, there you go.”

No appetite for queues

It was THE place to be yesterday, despite the weather – but it seems not everyone is a fan of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. In fact, the mass queues at the opening prompted many residents to declare their love of arch US rivals Dunkin’ Donuts.

Not just ref needs glasses

HEARTS will be bringing a new dimension to Scottish Football this weekend when they launch their 3D programme – but it seems the idea is already taking attention away from their players.

In a briefing note sent out ahead of the pre-match press, it was advised that photographers would have no access to training – but would instead be able to get some nice shots of 3D glasses. Supporters will no doubt be hoping the action on the pitch is as outstanding as the programme.

Valentine’s challenge is just crackers

TO celebrate Valentine’s Day, Chop Chop in Leith is inviting couples to take on “the Noodle Challenge”. A couple that manages to eat a single noodle in the manner of the classic scene in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp (couples share a long noodle from each end, finishing with a kiss) will receive free prawn crackers or spring rolls. How romantic.