Talk of the Town: By Eck, was that a tram I spotted?

Trams in Edinburgh: Finally on the move
Trams in Edinburgh: Finally on the move
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HE may have wanted to scrap them when he came to power, but the trams’ first full-speed test run got a favourable mention from Alex Salmond at the last First Minister’s Questions of 2012.

Tory MSP Murdo Fraser had put down a question on the planned ScotRail strike, but it was called off. Mr Salmond noted the CrossCountry train dispute had also been settled, as had a bus dispute in Aberdeen and another at NorthLink Ferries.

He added: “Unfortunately, I have to report that the London tube strike on Boxing Day is still going ahead, which is very disappointing given that even the trams in Edinburgh were running yesterday.”

Desirable drivers will be beaming with a Beamer

LOOKS and personality might be important, but now we really know what drives potential partners car-azy.

A new dating service which sees people leave love notes for people identified only by vehicle number plates is proving a huge hit in Edinburgh.

According to, more than 100 messages are waiting for Capital motorists as part of the latest craze.

And, funnily enough, the most sought-after drivers are not behind the wheel of a bashed-up banger, but rather a BMW . . .

Past, presents and future

YOUNG girls are shunning hi-tech gadgets and traditional dolls, and instead asking Mr Claus for classical instruments to help them hit the right notes.

A number of city youngsters – all girls under the age of ten – are hoping to have a musical Christmas this year after asking Cameron Toll Shopping Centre’s Santa for violins and a piano.

But learning to hit the right notes wasn’t top of the list for all girls – many were also asking for train sets and computer games, while most boys under ten have opted for Lego and computer games.

Technology has reigned supreme for both boys and girls over the age of ten who are hoping to find Blackberry phones, iPads and laptops under the tree.

Whatever happened to being happy with an apple and an orange?

Chocs away for gifts

NOW that you’re merely hours away from tearing opening your presents and sinking your teeth into succulent turkey, here’s another festive fact.

If you’ve only bought chocolates for your loved one then don’t fret, you’re completely normal – as 65 per cent of the nation have done exactly the same thing.