Talk of the Town: Cat box liner plops through your door

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WITH graphic images of dog poo sent to hundreds of homes as part of the EdinbURGH! drive, council chiefs hoped to remind residents to clean up after their pooches.

But the hard-hitting campaign, launched last year, appears to have been toned down.

The latest issue of the local authority freesheet Outlook featured an advert showing a pile of rubbish instead of said jobbies.

Perhaps now residents can rest easy as they fold the paper’s pages into their cat litter.

Zoo’s furry layabouts get lesson in frisky business

EDINBURGH Zoo’s most famous residents will no doubt be taking it easy this week.

Giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang have been busy since arriving in Scotland, but after trying – and failing – to mate last week they are expected to settle back into lolling about their enclosures.

Of course, not all of the zoo’s animals find mating quite so tricky. Just to rub it in, the attraction’s other black-and-white stars have been showing off, with the zoo’s Rockhopper penguins looking after several pairs of eggs.

And it seems they have even found time for a spot of foreign romance, with one of the Capital’s Rockhoppers settling down with an arrival from Vienna, Austria.

Perhaps the amorous animals will give the panda pair some inspiration for next year.

Want to buy a tram?

WORD of the Edinburgh Greens’ election pledge to sell off “useless” civic assets sparked a debate on the Evening News website.

Selling off the S0 plate on the Lord Provost’s official BMW 7 is just one of the measures proposed, which the Tories and Labour said they would consider.

It wasn’t long before readers weighed in and one caught the eye of Talk of the Town.

Search and Destroy wrote: “‘some of the council’s most useless assets’... no shortage there then. 27 trams for sale, 1 careless owner, never been driven.”

Out of town, out of mind

THERE’s been a big outcry about the number of chain stores and supermarkets opening in the Capital.

So it will come as no surprise to learn that a study has shown people have more trust in companies set up and run by people from their own community.

A third of residents love to shop local, and don’t trust stores more than 16 miles away – according to the report by Wrexham-based paint company Dulux.