Talk of the Town: Chieftains o’ the pudding race?

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IF you should spot a haggis and a sausage sprinting past you next month, fear not. You’re not hallucinating – just watching the Mascot Gold Cup at Musselburgh racecourse.

The furlong race on April 8 will see the Hairy Haggis, best known for his long-distance efforts at the Edinburgh Marathon, battling against a field including Bluebell the Cowdenbeath Cow and Sue Ryder’s Sue the Sausage.

But the racers could be overshadowed by Peppa Pig – who we are told will be too busy meeting her adoring fans to take part. There’s always one.

The event will raise money for Sue Ryder, and there’s still room for more mascots – join in at

There’s a story behind the yellow-and-black attack

EXPERTS at Edinburgh University have uncovered a game of cat-and-mouse which has gone on for millions of years.

Scientists studying insect DNA have revealed how species and their natural enemies chase each other across continents.

It is hoped that the research will allow better understanding of the effects of climate change on the relationship between predator and prey.

As part of the study, scientists reconstructed the evolutionary arms race between the insects and their wasp enemies.

No evidence has yet been found of tiny rolled-up newspapers or magnifying glasses.

Should be a shoe-in

IN the wake of International Women’s Day, it would be wise to steer clear of stereotypes.

But it is impossible to ignore the venue for an upcoming ladies night, raising money for the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

The event will take place at Brantano shoe store at Straiton Park on Thursday.

And although there will be entertainment, home baking and raffles, let’s hope the hundreds of pairs of shoes don’t distract from the fundraising in hand.

Mothers of invention

AT the advent of parenthood, new mothers cherish big hopes, but all they really want is for us to be polite.

According to a survey by relief agency Tearfund, good manners go a long way to keeping mums happy, with one saying: “Sometimes I wonder if my kids are even listening to me, but saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is the one thing I really insist upon.”

So there’ll be no excuse for mum not saying “thanks” when you surprise her on Mother’s Day.