Talk of the Town: Chris champions Scottish comedy

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AFTER riding his way into the history books as the greatest ever British Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy should really be lounging in the Bahamas (or even enjoying an open-top bus ride down the Royal Mile!) but instead he’s been enjoying his downtime watching the return of Scots comedy Burnistoun.

The six-time Olympic gold medal cyclist has revealed he spent his first night after the Olympics watching the hit BBC Two Scotland sketch show.

He told his Twitter following of nearly 320,000 people: “BBC2 Scotland now! Burnistoun’s back!”

And he later sent a congratulatory message to sketch star Robert Florence, which read: “Loved it.”

Fly guy causes a flap before his vanishing act

ANY escapologists performing at this year’s Fringe?

TOTT suggests they could do worse than take tips from one of the city’s more resourceful feathered inhabitants, which managed to free itself while trapped in wire 50ft in the air.

Shoppers at the Sainsbury’s supermarket in Craigleith were stunned last week when they spotted a large seagull that had landed on the shop’s roof but appeared unable to take off again.

Surprise turned to concern when Scottish SPCA officers arrived and declared they were unable to help.

“As there was no access to the roof, which was approximately 50ft high, our animal rescue officer advised that we did not have the resources or equipment to reach the bird,” said a spokesman.

Happily, the hardy gull managed to free itself after spending a night on the shop’s roof and flew off unharmed.

Perhaps even Houdini could learn a thing or two from our feathered friend.

When’s the next tram?

EDINBURGH’S tramway feels like its gaining mythical status these days as work continues to drag on with little sense that the machines will ever be up and running.

But we at “pedants corner”, otherwise known as TOTT, are an eagle-eyed bunch when it comes to even the most innocent of tram-related blunders.

And so when a city council report on the project suggested the York Place roadworks would finish in 2103 amid reams of data we gave ourselves a pat back and cheered our hawk-like vision.

But given the way things have gone with the beleaguered scheme, we wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a misprint at all.