Talk of the Town: Christmas cards with distinction

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THE economic downturn seems to be hitting some businesses harder than others. Despite the recession, companies in Edinburgh are queuing up to hire a firm that writes Christmas cards and wraps presents for them.

While some employers are considering redundancies and other cost-cutting measures, it would seem others are hiring city firm Distinctive Assistants to help them with their festive formalities.

By the sounds of it, it has the market all wrapped up.

Researchers cook up way to spend £500,000

ULTRASOUND is often used for examining a bun in the oven.

Now researchers at Heriot Watt University will take that concept even further. They have won a share in £500,000 worth of funding to investigate how ultrasound can help preserve baked foods for longer.

City tenders its soul

WHO said romance was dead? When you find hearts and flowers in an exchange between a Unison convener and a council about outsourcing, love can grow anywhere.

Especially when the key word is tender.

Union boss Peter Hunter told members at Monday’s Edinburgh University debate: “To me the report to committee reads more like an ad in the lonely hearts column, that the City of Edinburgh is looking for a soul mate.

“Aged once beautiful city with a congested heart, seeks discreet private company for long-term lasting relationship. Must have own truck and good sense of humour.”

He added: “I am actually just a warm up act for the legendary comedy of the elected member.”

Not to be sniffed at

TRAVELLING on public transport in Edinburgh can be a stressful experience. Usually, roadworks and other delays are the reasons for furrowed brows and impatient tapping aboard the city’s buses.

But as winter approaches, a new reason shoots the top of the list, a survey by Lloyds Pharmacy has found. It said 60 per cent of commuters in the Capital find a serial sniffer the most annoying to travel alongside, especially when no attempt is made to use a tissue.

Dungeons and roll-ons

THE Edinburgh Dungeons are proving such a frightening visit that staff have had to dish out cans of deodorant to sweating customers.

The city-centre attraction is providing thrill-seekers the relief because the intensity of the experience is causing them to perspire. Either that or they need to turn the heating down.