Talk of the Town: Dalai Lama ushers in huge crowds

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WE’RE used to seeing sell-out gigs for rock stars, musicals and the best comedians in the world – but the hottest ticket in town this week has been none other than His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

After it was announced that he would visit Scotland this summer, demand for tickets to his talk at the Usher Hall in June was huge. By yesterday morning there were only a handful left, and by yesterday afternoon all of the sought-after briefs had been snapped up

Victor Spence, co-ordinator for the Dalai Lama’s visit to Scotland, said: “You have to ask, what does this tell us about how people are thinking about themselves and the world today?”

Talk of the Town thinks it tells us that people are keen to hear what the simple monk has to say – so keen in fact that we can only hope he’ll take a three-week Festival run if this one-off gig goes down well.

Sign spells out the case for a council proof-reader

MISTAKES are an unavoidable fact of life, although when you are creating a road sign you really might be expected to be a little more careful with the spelling.

Talk of the Town recently revealed to stunned residents that road signs in the Capital for St Andrew Street recently incorrectly called it St Andrews Street.

And now it seems Sir Walter Scott has also been slighted, with this sign for the “Waverly” Station car park, which may be open for business, but certainly isn’t usual. The station takes its name from his historic Waverley novels – perhaps now the council will be investing in a proof reader for its street signs.

Rumour has it

FAR be it for us to start a rumour, but it seems most people spend at least an hour every day gossiping – mainly at work.

A new study shows Facebook and Twitter are the main sources of rumours and conversation topics.

Seven out of ten of those questioned for the research admitted they gossiped for at least an hour every day, mainly about work colleagues.