Talk of the Town: Danish ‘PM’ has vowel trouble

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IT’S the hottest political drama on the box, so for Scottish politicos getting a chance to meet the star of Borgen must have left them a little star-struck.

Even Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was a little overawed at getting to chat with Sidse Babett Knudsen, who plays the Danish prime minister in the series.

Ms Sturgeon was delighted to get a signed box set of the series from the star – although she might be a little disappointed to see that it appears to have been signed to “Nicole”.

It seems our fascination with Danish politics is not mirrored by the offices of the statsminister.

Heavy to paperweight

IF you thought writing was sedentary job, think again. Scribe Irvine Welsh has revealed: “10lbs of the 14lbs gained in London & Edinburgh in December shipped in January. Getting back to my writing weight.”

Sir Chris shows some brass neck

HE may have avoided cabin fever staying in the athletes’ village, but Sir Chris Hoy has admitted to wandering round his house wearing nothing but his six Olympic golds. The cycling star said: “I probably have done it at some point. You get bored.”

Who could say they wouldn’t do the same?

They dug this one up

THE discovery of the bones of Richard III could be one of the most interesting archeological finds of the century.

And one PR firm with nothing to do with the discovery was still quick to use it to an advantage, contacting TOTT to point out: “Richard III is one of the most notorious monarchs in British history – but what would crisis management specialists Lexicon PR have done to alter that perception?”

What indeed.