Talk of the town: Day to remember for Calendar Girls

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FOR most of the participants in the recent Moonwalk, following a course through the Capital in just a bra might have left them feeling a little exposed.

That presumably wasn’t a problem for two of the ladies taking part however – as Tricia Stewart and Christine Clancy were part of the legendary Calendar Girls from Rylstone Women’s Institute, Yorkshire, posing in tasteful nude shots for a calendar.

Tricia, 63, and Christine, 60, both from Skipton, no doubt helped encourage their fellow bra-wearing walkers as they were invited on stage prior to the start of the walk to lead the cheers before sending thousands on their way.

Monkey business booming

IT was a day celebrated across the nation with street parties and lavish celebrations – so it seems only fitting that a chimps’ tea party should have proved such a huge jubillee crowd-puller.

Edinburgh Zoo revealed that the jubillee bank holiday Monday was their busiest day in three years, with more than 6518 heading along to explore the park.

And Talk of the Town can’t but wonder if it was the chance to see some of the zoo’s more playful primates enjoying some Union Jack-themed treats that really pulled in the punters.

Root and branch reform

He might have moved into the top job in the Capital, but it seems council leader Andrew Burns isn’t going to let that get in the way of his favourite pastime.

In between juggling the challenges of running the Capital, Councillor Burns has found time to unwind with a spot of gardening.

Updating his Really Bad Blog, he revealed he had been back pitching in at the Royal Edinburgh Community Gardens where he got “down to some good-old weeding”.

Good practice, we all hope, for getting to the root of some of the city’s troubles.

Meet Tam, he’s a tram

It was only a matter of time – Edinburgh’s tram line might not be up and running yet but already one of the vehicles has taken to the internet.

Following in the footsteps of the Edinburgh Pandas, one of the city’s latest urban transport vehicles has set up his very own Twitter account.

The spoof Tam the Tram account states “I’m Tam. I’m a Tram”. And while most of the comments are far from suitable for a family audience, it does at least give a possible glimpse into the private life of a tram, with Tam revealing recently that he was “going for a pint with Davie the double decker”.