Talk of the Town: Disney gets blame for Broken Britain

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IT’S a Brave prediction all right, but if Disney is right, Alex Salmond will soon be very animated indeed.

The film giant has become the first to declare Scotland an independent country. That’s after they corrected one blunder with another. As this column recently told, to promote the blockbuster Brave, set in Edinburgh and the Highlands, Disney produced an online map showing the UK border running just south of the city.

After calls to correct the error, it jumped into action, with its replacement map showing these isles split into “Scotland” in the north and “United Kingdom” in the south.

It’s all fun and Games

AS if you didn’t know, the Olympics are coming. But just in case the flame on your own torch hasn’t quite ignited at the prospect, some ideas are at hand.

Organisers have helpfully circulated a list of “50 ways you, your family and local community can get involved and get excited about the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games”.

So for example, you can “learn about the athletes in your area”, which for most means sitting at a computer trawling through Wikipedia. Then, once that’s done, tune into TV coverage while, most probably, on your backside.

Then once all that sitting down has you thirsty for more, you can download official games from the Olympic website.

These Olympics, it is something to do with sport, right?

Lydia’s the bag lady

FIRST she rained on the Wills and Kate parade with her royal wedding sick bags. Then there were the Queen-shaped jelly moulds.

Now Edinburgh College of Art graduate Lydia Leith is continuing the irreverence with a bag aimed at those for who feel nauseous at the mere mention of the Diamond Jubilee. Available in red and royal blue, the bags are meant “as a bit of fun” for those turning green.

Let’s get this party finished

EVERYBODY loves a party, but for most folk, invitations will be handed out to family, friends and that nice couple down the road.

Still, a bit of star quality wouldn’t go amiss. According to a new survey, the celeb wishlist for Scots puts Jeremy Clarkson at the top, no doubt because no party is complete without someone leaving offended. Then there’s Jamie Oliver for catering, and Michael McIntyre to raise a few laughs.

And finally, just when the night is starting to lull, Cheryl Cole will turn up for a sing-song, a useful addition to clear the decks when it’s time for bed.