Talk of the Town: Don’t take the Hoff at language barrier

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IT’S no secret that the Hoff is in town playing for laughs as he shares the secrets of his life’s work.

The Baywatch and Knight Rider star screeched into the Capital on Monday at the wheel of his most faithful companion, KITT.

And while David Hasselhoff has no trouble understanding the words of a car, his audiences this week at the Pleasance Courtyard might have a little more trouble getting their point across.

The Hoff said: “It’s great to be in Scotland, but I’m expecting the unexpected from the audience. They are so friendly and so over-the-top and so much fun.

“There is one thing though, I won’t be able to carry on many conversations with the crowd as I can’t understand you guys at all.”

The rain in Kane isn’t helping Porty at all

COMEDIAN Russell Kane, in town, of course, for the Festival, tweets: “Portobello, Edinburgh. Achingly beautiful in the rain.”

Given the town’s mission to promote itself as a seaside resort, we can’t see Russell become its poster boy any time soon.

Charity’s got talent

WITH MSPs and property consultants already signed up, organisers of a charity night probably thought they needed a bit more glamour on the bill.

So to that end, they decided to sign up Jai McDowall, a singer who apparently won Britain’s Got Talent last year.

Still, given that TOTT has two left feet, who are we to mock contestants in Aberlour Child Care Trust’s Strictly Come Prancing event?

A great night of entertainment lies ahead at the Assembly Rooms on September 15 and it’s all for a great cause.

Tickets are available via

Golden times for hotels

WE truly are in a golden age of British sport – with the exception of football, of course.

The Olympics have left us hopping, skipping, jumping, rowing, running and cycling all over the place.

But, as a city, we’ve got more than a sporting legacy to thank Sir Chris Hoy for, because according to a hotel chain he’s been pulling in the tourists.

Well, to be more precise, one of his golden postboxes has, with Premier Inn on Princes Street putting a 105 per cent rise in bookings down to the Royal Mail memento on Hanover Street.

Yup, it’s all down to the box, and absolutely nothing to do with the Festival . . .