Talk of the Town: Dram good job if you like a wee whisky

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IT might just be the best job in the world – as long as you like a dram.

Biddy Mulligan’s bar in the Capital is expecting to be drowning in offers after advertising for a “freelance whisky consultant” to come in and help keep its stock of 120 whiskies in good shape. There’s no pay, but then the job is not strenuous. According to general manager Donal Hurrell, it will involve “turning up, admiring the vast whisky collection and recommending the best.”

Call of Duty for Capital’s retired gals

WHILE young women across Scotland are getting back into the habit of knitting with trendy stitch’n’bitch sessions, it seems the older generation are going the other way – with a new survey suggesting almost half of Edinburgh’s retired women have swapped knitting needles for a games controller.

A huge number of over-65s describe themselves as video-gamers, although they do stick to puzzle games rather than war simulators such as Call of Duty.

Working their ticket

DOZENS of people who found what appeared to be parking tickets on their cars in George Street were left bemused after reading the small print. The cheeky “tickets” featuring realistic warnings, were issued by Edinbroke council and were actually a promotion for a local club night.

A deadly mistake

Author Irvine Welsh was forced to apologise to his followers on Twitter after mistakenly tweeting about the death of Nelson Mandela – after someone sent him a link to a fake news website. In true Welsh style, his response to finding out he had been duped cannot be reprinted here.