Talk of the town: Feel the Force of disgruntled city

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LIKE the Star Wars series, we in Edinburgh have our own malfunctioning “droids” that seem to derail any small footsteps of progress we appear to be making.

But unlike Luke Skywalker and his intergalatic band of space rebels, there is no malevolent force bent on our destruction should we not turn to the dark side. Or is there?

Doing the rounds on Twitter is this mocked-up picture of council chief Sue Bruce in the robes of the evil Emperor Palpatine alongside Darth Vader, who appears to have won sponsorship from Edinburgh Trams.

As a Jedi (even of the nasty kind) we at TOTT hope she will use the Force to backpedal our way out of the whole lingering saga.

Or, given we have three times the number of trams required for the city, she will magically wave her hand over the Spanish manufacturers and tell them: “These are not the droids we were looking for.”

Plen-tea to go round

THE annual Muslim festival of Ramadan caught Heriot’s cricketers on the back foot. With the second team entertaining Kismet, an outfit predominantly comprising Asian players, there was an opportunity to save on traditional match teas at Goldenacre.

However, it appears the chance was lost as, late in the day, the club tweeted: “Plenty of tea/pies left at Goldie as the entire Kismet team are fasting!”

Sitting-room sleuths

WITH keen-nosed sleuth Detective Inspector John Rebus and deduction specialist Sherlock Holmes among our ranks, it is clear Edinburgh has a rich legacy of crimefighting power to drawn on.

But new research by YouGov reveals that Scotland itself is a nation of whodunnit fans, with most people believing they would be top cops at the crime scene.

More than seven out of ten people confessed an interest in murder mystery programmes – while a third reckon they’d make super sleuths.

Cue cries of “There’s been a murder!” from all and sundry.