Talk of the Town: Fight for your right to an early night

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WE may not be party animals ourselves, but we’ll be only too happy to point Glaswegian visitors to the nearest nightclub.

So says a new survey from Smirnoff, which says our west coast neighbours love to party, while we love a night in and are tucked up in bed by midnight.

But Capital dwellers are twice as friendly, with Glasgow named the least sociable city in the UK. Quite what this survey tells us is anyone’s guess, but you have to wonder how much of the product was consumed before coming up with this marketing gem.

Just step away from the bottle of ketchup, kids

IT’S every mother’s worst nightmare.

Their child pristinely kitted out for a big occasion, only for the little darling to decide it would be a good time for a saucy snack which leads to a stained shirt.

Duddingston Primary’s basketball team – the brilliantly named Duddy Ballers – may have had that problem this week when they visited new sponsor Frankie & Benny’s at Ocean Terminal to pick up their new strips.

The team celebrated with a meal in their fresh outfits – and we can only assume ketchup was bounced off the menu.

April Fool’s day is no joke

SO it seems like the joke yesterday was on . . . well, no-one, actually.

April Fool’s Day means little to children any more, with 70 per cent of parents saying that their offspring are unlikely to have booby-trapped the house.

Fortunately, the tradition hasn’t been lost here at Talk of the Town.

Which brings us to the question – did anyone spot our April Fool in yesterday’s Evening News?

Frog’s leg with that, sir?

IF you think you’ve got a touch of French flair, get along to the Voodoo Rooms later this month for a free French cocktail workshop.

It’s run by syrup maker Monin to celebrate its centenary.

The event – hosted by cocktail experts James Coston and Tony Gergov – will reveal how Monin creates flavours at its headquarters in Bourges, near Paris.

Mr Coston said: “We are inviting Edinburgh’s bar managers, bar owners, bartenders and hostesses to join us in their city to learn about the flavoursome world of Monin.

“We’ll be showing them how to create delicious drinks with a wide range of flavours that they may not have had the chance to work with before.”

Let’s just hope a frogs’ legs cocktail isn’t what they’ve got in mind.