Talk of the Town: Film fans can Reap what the sow . .

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IT’S that special day which happens once a year – and that day is Sunday.

To mark the release of hit film The Hunger Games on DVD, at HMV stores across the country, including the Princes Street branch, fans can enter into a regional “Reaping” whereby two names from each participating store will be selected.

Then later in London’s Oxford Street store, a live Reaping will see two names from the regional winners selected from two fish bowls, just like the film, with tickets up for grabs to the premiere of the next instalment in the series.

But while a fight to the death between the people selected, as in the film, is unlikely, TOTT has received no assurances that won’t be the case.

Licence hunt sends new driver round the bend

THE jitters are to be expected of learner drivers before their test begins.

Those final few minutes should be spent performing breathing exercises or going over their right and left.

But no candidate wants to spend them hunting desperately for the little piece of card that could be the difference between success and failure.

News reaches TOTT of one Capital mum who spent her crucial preparation time in a frantic search for her provisional licence after failing to find it before a final lesson an hour before the test.

A husband was despatched home to tear the place apart, but to no avail.

Then, as the clock counted down, the woman made a last-ditch pit stop at a nearby shop where she’d earlier bought a bottle of water.

Amazingly, the licence had been found there and handed in.

She dashed round the corner, sat the test . . . and passed, chalking up only four minor faults in the process.

The eyes have it

THE eyes don’t have it, according to a new study of Edinburgh parents.

Sight Care, a support group for opticians, found that almost two-thirds of city mums and dads get their children’s teeth checked more often than their eyes.

Now a national campaign has been launched urging parents to include an eye exam as part of their back to school checklist to ensure “enhanced classroom experience”.

Some might say the dining hall experience is more valuable. After all, when chocolate cake can look as good as it tastes, it pays to make sure both eyes and teeth are in good working order.