Talk of the Town: Go sweet on Murray

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As Andy Murray steps out on to Centre Court at Wimbledon today he’ll know a whole nation is behind him. And while many choose to post him messages of support, Cadbury’s have gone a little bit further, producing special “Murray” Dairy Milk bars as “the perfect treat for tennis fans with a taste for chocolate”.

On hold to jazz music is too much for Gail

Having once been married to a rock star it was perhaps obvious that Edinburgh’s own Gail Porter, below, was a fan of guitars, drums and the musical mayhem of a good band.

In case anyone was wondering though, she has now revealed to followers that, no, she is not a fan of jazz – especially when it comes to holding music.

She told fans: “No offence to Jazz lovers... but Apple are playing jazz on the phone as I wait to speak to someone. #headache”

Time to do the maths

AMERICANS in Edinburgh were celebrating Independence Day yesterday – and hopefully they will have avoided some of the bizarre messages posted online by their compatriots to mark independence from the British, achieved in 1776 such as: “Happy 2013th birthday America!”

Rankin doubts Rebus would enjoy Twitter

HE’s a modern writer who is more than happy to share his thoughts to fans around the world on Twitter.

But while Ian Rankin, below, has amassed thousands of followers on the social networking site, he admitted he’s not entirely sure his greatest creation would take to it with quite such abandon.

Discussing the character with a fan, he admitted: “Still makes me smile, thinking about how anyone would go about explaining twitter to Rebus...”