Talk of the Town: He’s not better together

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IT is the vote that will determine the future of Scotland – and maybe change the life of one man. William Hill has reported a bet of £4400 has been placed in London on Scotland being independent by 2020, with the punter to pick up more than £30,000 if he wins.

Clyde has to roll with it

THE historic rivalry between Edinburgh and Glasgow spilled over into the normally genteel world of indoor bowls yesterday.

Lord Provost Donald Wilson had the pride of the Capital at stake when he took on Clyde, the giant mascot of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, when he visited Meadowbank.

As some keen observers pointed out however, our man had a slight advantage – having played the game more than a few times before.

Professor is left singing the blues

IT has been quite a year for Edinburgh professor Peter Higgs.

After scientists at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider detected the existence of the Higgs boson, the existence of which he first predicted in 1964, Prof Higgs has been awarded a Companion of Honour by the Queen and is set to receive the Edinburgh Medal award.

Now he has been granted an even more distinctive honour – having a song dedicated to his work by musician Nick Cave.

The Australian artist’s latest album with the Bad Seeds, Push the Sky Away, contains a track called Higgs boson Blues.

While the lyrics don’t deal directly with the elusive force-carrying particle, they do mention Geneva – and also the line “Hannah Montana does the African Savannah”.

Eyes and heads down for Aquarians

IF you thought bingo was just a quiet pastime then think again.

Mecca Leith has announced that it paid out £1.99 million of prizes to players last year – no small amount in these cash-strapped times. Of course, not everyone’s a winner. Aquarians might be best advised to stay away, with the star sign being the most unlucky.