Talk of the town: Hero Ed doesn’t duck his responsibilities

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ED Henderson, father of Sick Kids fundraiser Jack, of Jack Draws Anything fame, pictured, has shown he, too, can be a hero.

Ed rushed to the rescue when he saw a couple in peril on a San Francisco road. He said: “My heart pounded as I momentarily disregarded my own safety. Some may call me a hero, but that’s not why I did it.”

So who were the mystery couple? Ducklings, heading for a local diner. “Sleep tight America, Sir Quack-a-lot and Lady Duckington made it to Denny’s.”

Reputation building with Filth and Fincher

IT’S no disgrace for Irvine Welsh to be forever associated with Trainspotting – but now it seems he has moved on – something he is thrilled about. The author wrote: “It’s happening. Movie power. After being described as ‘Trainspotting author ... for years, I’m now being referred to as Filth author...”

Having spotted the potential for improving his reputation, he added: “Looking forward to the David Fincher big screen adaptation of my forthcoming book, Fantastic Lover and Astonishing Wit.

Derren chewses Steak

HE’S a master of illusion, but when it comes to his food Derren Brown doesn’t want any tricks. And he opted to play it simple – with a trip to Steak, Edinburgh’s gourmet steak restaurant. And he pulled off the classic magician’s trick, making his entire meal disappear before telling fans it was “stunning”.

Tram jobs in demand

THEY have gone from a good idea to a disgrace, but the trams are on the way back with news that everyone wants a piece of the action. More than 650 people have applied for 32 vacancies. The council will be hoping there’s as much interest in travelling on the trams as there is in driving them.