Talk of the Town: Holiday ad won’t wash with us . .

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WHILE the Capital has many great selling points – the history, the architecture, the huge number of bars – it’s fair to say the weather is not among them.

So it’s hardly surprising that local travel specialist As You Like It Holidays is predicting a rise in people booking sunshine holidays in far-flung locations. They even tout the benefits for sufferers of SAD. But what makes less sense is advertising this fact with shots of bikini-clad car washers basking in glorious sunshine next to the Castle.

He’s hungry for loving

Love in the animal kingdom is far removed from the rose-tinted romance most humans indulge in.

Still, most men in the Capital will surely be jealous of the way panda Yang Guang is going about wooing his mate. He is currently spending all day, every day, eating.

Hanks for the offer, folks

It is the Hollywood blockbuster set to put one of our most striking monuments on the silver screen.

The release of Cloud Atlas has clearly prompted bosses of the Scott Monument – which features in the era-spanning multi-narrative movie – to go starry-eyed.

They are offering half-price admission for anyone who brings along their ticket to the movie, as a celebration of it’s “starring role”.

Hopefully they won’t be too disappointed at not getting top billing ahead of Tom Hanks on the movie’s posters.