Talk of the Town: Horse fallout a sign of the times

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THE runaway crisis of horsemeat in the food chain has been enough to put most people off their usual ready-meal lasagne and send them scurrying to the nearest farm shop or butcher to get some properly sourced meat.

But while the big losers have been the supermarkets, the food producers and, ultimately, the horses who perhaps weren’t destined to be food, the ramifications of finding horse DNA in beef products will be felt far and wide.

Take the White Horse pub on the Royal Mile. It does great food using proper ingredients - but now its billboard of a horse’s head looks almost sinister, above the legend “Freshly cooked food served daily.”

How to train for Skyfall

SKYFALL has already done its bit for the British film industry, but yesterday the Bond film was doing its bit for tourism and trainspotters when its theme train arrived in the Capital. Hopefully the 007 express won’t leave passengers too shaken.

Club hasn’t pasta you by

THESE days it seems no matter how obscure your particular interest you will be able to find others to share your passion.

And now all of the people in Edinburgh living with a secret love that they dared not share can finally meet up – thanks to the creation of The Scottish Macaroni Appreciation Club.

The group’s first meeting is on February 27, and while details are not available TOTT has a good idea about what will be on the menu.

On the scent of panda action

Love is in the air at Edinburgh Zoo – and so is the pungent scent of panda urine.

After last year’s failed attempts to woo prospective mate Tian Tian, Yang Guang is getting prepared for this year’s mating season with plenty of scent marking.

It’s not all about the scent though, so hopefully he’ll remember to bring flowers this year.