Talk of the town: How to deal with football’s rivals

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THEY next do battle on the pitch next Sunday in the Scottish Cup – but the ding-dong is already under way in the playground.

Andy Webster and Ivan Sproule have pitched up as poster boys for Hearts and Hibs’ first appearance in the Topps Match Attax trading card game.

And while Hearts defender Webster is streets ahead in the tackling category, Hibs winger Sproule races clear in the sprint stakes.

But the fact he’s been given the maximum “100” rating for speed may come as a surprise to the Easter Road faithful, given the seasoned sub has rarely been required to breach warm-up pace this term.

A bit cosmo-naughty

HE’D always pictured himself travelling into space – and now the family album could fool future generations into thinking he reached the final frontier.

A few quid short of the £15 million required to hitch a ride into space, Ian Sheffield from Haddington did the next best thing: persuade a cosmonaut to take a picture of him along for the ride.

Retired engineer Ian, 66, sent a snap of himself to Gennady Padalka, who was only too happy to take it into space. “Ian” spent 125 days whizzing around the Earth, clocking up 56 million miles.

Ian said: “My family certainly know I’m out of this world.”

Andy goes the distance

SHARING a name with one of Scotland’s most famous sons hasn’t left Dr Andrew Murray in the shadows.

The hard-running Capital-based GP is aiming to run seven ultra marathons on seven continents in seven days and has just won the first event, in Antarctica.

Makes a five-hour epic with Novak Djokovic sound like a pat around in the Meadows.

Not a champion idea

IT was widely panned and caused an almighty stushie, but it seems recent attempts to brand the Capital as “Incredinburgh” did find favour with some.

The Edinburgh Dungeon, in revealing its festive fun, has entitled its programme “Christmas is Dedinburgh”.

Steve Cardownie is unlikely to be first in line.