Talk of the Town: Iain won’t butcher any songs at Jazz Festival

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HE’S the butcher aiming to prove he’s all that jazz – and if early indications are anything to go by, his upcoming show is going to steak fans’ breath away.

Iain Hunter from Pathhead, has been dubbed “The Singing Butcher” and will perform at the Tron Kirk as part of the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival on July 25.

Now it’s been revealed that the show is a sell-out and Iain insists he’s doing it for his country. He said: “I’m singing for Scotland.”

Auld Reekie Roller Girls over the moon

Edinburgh’s Auld Reekie Roller Girls have just returned from the US after a successful run at Philadelphia’s East Coast Derby Extravaganza Roller Derby tournament, having given the American teams more than they bargained for – in more ways than one.

During one particularly enthusiastic bout one unnamed team member found herself momentarily mooning, after another player accidently pulled down her shorts and pants while attempting to pass her.

Heading for meltdown

LET’S hope city Conservative campaigner Mark Brown wasn’t staring into a crystal ball when he tweeted: “The heat is apparently melting some of Scotland’s rail network. I hope it doesn’t do the same to the Edinburgh Tram tracks . . .”. Failing that, watch out for leaves on the line.

Luther beats Murray

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray might have performed wonders – but he hasn’t impressed page 3 girl Lucy V.

She was less than chuffed to find the documentary Man Behind the Racquet being repeated on BBC1, tweeting: “Yes we all know he’s amazing, but I want to watch Luther!”