Talk of the Town: Ibsen drama gets its own laughter track

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It seems the trams controversy inveigles its way into every aspect of Edinburgh life. While 19th century Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen could know nothing of the Capital’s trams debacle, a line in the latest adaptation of his play A Doll’s House couldn’t help provoking a reaction from the audience at the Lyceum.

Zinnie Harris’s updated version of the drama has one character utter the words: “Only a fool would take a tram.” Cue much laughter from the stalls.

It’s Wild West Lothian

REBUS author Ian Rankin has reminded people that he is not his lead character, after one reader confessed: “Weird seeing my hometown named in an Ian Rankin novel. Not too keen on him describing West Lothian as the badlands and bandit country!”. Rankin replied: “That’s Rebus’s description rather than mine. He is biased . . . #badlands”

Ceilidh is a sore point

AS anyone who was taught the finer points of ceilidh dancing at school can testify, some of the dances can be downright dangerous. Just ask Highland MSP David Stewart, who has signed himself off work after he ruptured an Achilles tendon – during a ceilidh in Musselburgh.

Sweet dreams are made of Annie’s visit

ANNIE Lennox has admitted she was shocked to find what looked like a portrait her fellow Eurythmic Dave Stewart hanging on the walls of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. The picture in question was actually that of 400-year-old Scottish aristocrat the Ist Marquis of Montrose – and Lennox, visiting the gallery to see an exhibition about her life, The House of Annie Lennox, said the image bore an uncanny resemblance to her ex-bandmate.