Talk of the Town: Illuminating view of the Iron Lady

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AS a former lord provost of a Labour administration, you wouldn’t expect Eric Milligan to be Margaret Thatcher’s biggest fan.

But onlookers at the city’s planning committee were somewhat surprised at the colourful language used by Cllr Milligan when he felt the need to talk about the former Conservative prime minister.

During an otherwise quiet meeting, talk turned to the hot topic of Edinburgh’s lighting strategy, which prompted the Gorgie councillor to tell councillors and members of the public gallery that the strategy began on the day in 1990 that “that bitch from hell” left Downing Street.

After initially refusing to withdraw the remark, he was asked by the stand-in chair Stuart Roy McIvor to do so and gave a grudging half apology: “I withdraw everything I have ever said which has offended anyone.”

Nativity play seeks its little star of Bethlehem

WANTED – real baby Jesus for outdoor work. Must be crib-trained.

The producers of the Edinburgh Nativity Play are searching for a young star to feature in the outdoor performance on Festival Square this Christmas.

Rehearsals will be held on Thursday evenings at 7pm in St Cuthbert’s Church, 5 Lothian Road, as of Thursday, October 13 and hopefuls must be no more than six months old.

No experience needed.

Dough comes rolling in

IT’S a cheese-based money-spinner designed to help a local youth centre earn a crust.

Grant Youth Centre is getting a pizza-the-action from a city Domino’s store, which is creating a bespoke dish and donating £1 to the cause every time a customer buys one. Dubbed the Granton Youth Centre pizza, it comprises a stuffed crust base topped with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, onions and spicy jalapeños.

It is hoped vital funds can be raised to improve the centre’s programme and fund activities for the year ahead.

He’s a Murmansk man

JOCK Dempsey of Dunbar has appeared twice on Russian television in his role as chairman of the Russian Arctic Convoy Club Scotland.

He braved the cameras to describe commemorations for the 70th anniversary of the first convoy, which were held at Loch Ewe.

But if that weren’t impressive enough – he did it in Russian. We salute you, Jock!