Talk of the town: It’s a dog’s life for election hopefuls

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CAMPAIGNING to be elected can be a thankless task, even for the most babyfaced of would-be councillors.

Sore feet and (occasionally) sore ears are two of the side-effects as hundreds of candidates appeal for votes across Edinburgh.

That pain was felt even more harshly for Scottish Conservative Inverleith candidate Scott Douglas.

He was innocently posting a leaflet through a door in Stockbridge when a dog raced to the letter box from the inside and sank its teeth into his fingers.

He escaped with only a cut – and was later told they were all Labour dogs down that way.

All change in format for much-loved talent show

IF Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice isn’t enough to quench your thirst for singing “sensations” then fret not, the X Factor is winging its way back to our screens.

Nearly four months have passed since, erm, whatsit were named 2011 winners, so withdrawal symptoms are understandable.

Auditions are taking place in the Capital next Wednesday. But it seems as if the long-running show is changing format this year, if remarks by judge Gary Barlow are anything to go by.

The Take That frontman said: “We want to make sure we find talent.”

Voyage of discovery

FIRST it was “Glasgow Smiles Better” and now another Scottish city is looking to attract the Capital’s brightest and best.

The City of Discovery – more commonly known as Dundee – has launched an appeal to tempt Edinburgh dwellers north.

Stan Ure, head of economic development at Dundee City Council, said: “Dundee is a city with vision and aspiration. Some of the biggest investment projects in its history are well under way as we invest in the city’s long-term success and prosperity.”

Aye, but both our teams are in the cup final, so there.

In dire need of a Bru

OK, SO strictly speaking it might have nothing to do with the Capital, but Talk of the Town reckons it’s a tale worth telling.

Scots rockers Biffy Clyro - who once headlined Edinburgh Hogmanay (tenuous enough of a link?) were feeling the heat during a recording session in Los Angeles recently when inspiration struck.

So the band got straight on the phone and had a shipment of Scotland’s finest sent across the Atlantic – it was, of course, a supply of Irn Bru. Just shows there’s no place like home.