Talk of the Town: Jack gets vote over Jen and Barbie

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RECOGNISED for their luscious locks and slender figures, the children’s doll Barbie and Friends actress Jennifer Aniston are two of the world’s biggest names.

But they are no competition for six-year-old Prestonpans schoolboy Jack Henderson, who has knocked them out of the running for a top international award. His online service Jack Draws Anything has raised more than £23,000 for the Sick Kids, where his younger brother receives regular treatment.

And now he has made the final three in a shortlist by .net magazine to find the best social media campaign of the Year.

In online voting he sailed past Aniston, nominated for her part in a viral campaign to get more children drinking water, and a campaign to get dolls Barbie and Ken back together.

It’s on the button for Rob and his iPhone queue

IT’S not your everyday encounter... but a belly dancer from Edinburgh has gone to London to perform for a man waiting in the queue for the launch of the new iPhone 4S.

Rob Shoesmith decided to set up camp outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden ahead of yesterday’s launch, and, while he was there, to see how many freebies he could blag. He had no shortage of snacks, but the one thing he didn’t have was entertainment – until Lindsey Silver, aka Belly Dancing Barbie, a local belly dance teacher, headed down to help him pass the time.

It’s perhaps no surprise that she had sympathy for Rob, though - she camped out herself in Glasgow for the launch of the iPad, buying the fourth sold in Scotland.

The spoof is out there?

IT’S a mining town built on the rich reservoir of fossil fuel. But some in Gorebridge are perplexed by “unnatural” activities above.

An online petition has been launched, urging the government to stop “official and unofficial military” operations around the Midlothian town. The alleged low-flying planes are “vexatious to the physical and mental health” of townsfolk, reads the petition, and “most of these events have no mundane or natural explanation”.

But if alien technology is taking to the skies, there’s not many who seem too bothered... with just eight people signing the petition.

Susan’s a la mode . . . just

SUSAN Boyle is more used to singing ballads, but now the 50-year-old will cover 1980s legends Depeche Mode. The bass and beats of Enjoy The Silence have been reworked for “ballad-friendly vocals” – a long way from I Dreamed a Dream and BGT.