Talk of the Town: Jambo heartache over missing scarf

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NO Jambo should have been left in a heartbroken state after this month’s Scottish Cup glory.

But that’s how Bruntsfield lawyer Alistair Steel felt when he woke up the morning after the 5-1 win over rivals Hibs to discover, amid the wild celebrations the night before, he had lost a precious family heirloom.

Alistair, 49, is desperate to be reunited with his Hearts scarf, which dates back to the 1950s, and is offering a £50 reward for information leading to its recovery.

He said: “I retraced my steps and went back to a kebab shop which I remembered being in on the way home.

“I thought it might be there but the owner said he hadn’t seen it.”

Breaking news: No trams running this weekend

IN journalism, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

But any hack worth their salt knows that before asking that stupid question, it pays to do your research.

So, we’re sorry to say, there can be no excuses for Yahoo News, which tweeted Edinburgh City Council to ask if there would be any disruption to the tram service over the Diamond Jubilee weekend.

As a finger-on-the-pulse, 24-hour multimedia news hub and custodian of all things Edinburgh, we can confirm there will be a reduced tram service while the Queen marks her 60 years in the hotseat.

Campaign cops praise

HATS off to our colleagues at Lothian and Borders Police’s press office, who scooped two awards for their Made from Crime? campaign at a public relations industry awards bash in London earlier this week.

We can’t resist a little sideways glance, though, at the fact the force put out a press release congratulating its PR team on being good at PR.

But they got their mention in the paper, which means it must be true.

Money for nothing

BACK to the Queen, and if the tired old stereotype that Scots are skinflints still has legs, then it seems we’re only too happy to accept Liz as one of ours.

In one of millions of surveys piling up on Talk of the Town’s desk in the run-up to the Jubilee celebrations, it’s revealed 44 per cent of people in Edinburgh think Her Majesty is not extravagant.

But, despite giving her prudent approach the thumbs up, only two per cent of city dwellers would celebrate her 60 years on the throne out of their own pocket if they won £100,000.