Talk of the town: Jean and Angela check in with Dave

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NEXT time you’re catching up with Have I Got News For You from 1986 or Del Boy and Rodney pre-studio audience on digital station Dave, don’t start flicking through the channels when the adverts come on.

That’s because you’ll miss the staff of a Bruntsfield hotel who are set to star in a new trailer for the comedy-of-yesteryear channel itself.

Hotel group Best Western has signed a five-month deal with “the home of witty banter” to sponsor shows on Dave.

Receptionist Angela Dobbie and breakfast supervisor Jean Dobbie will be seen working in and telling stories about the hotel.

Steve North, general manager of Dave, said: “Dave is delighted to be working with Best Western Hotels. Dave has an incredible roster of characters that will blend perfectly with the personalities the group is planning to highlight through their new sponsorship package.”

And just in case you miss them, don’t fret – the deal covers the hour-delayed channel Dave Ja Vu too.

Sir Chris is a splash hit

SIR Chris Hoy might be the flavour of the month after becoming Britain’s greatest ever Olympian, taking to the skies in a Typhoon and securing the Freedom of Edinburgh.

But it seems six golds in three Games just can’t compete with a young diver and his single bronze gong.

After taking part in a question and answer session with school pupils, the cyclist tweeted: “1st question “do you know where Tom Daley lives?” 2nd question from different kid “do you know Tom Daley?” Brilliant!!”

Make a date

THE Fringe has been accused of losing its edge in recent years – and maybe now there’s proof.

As critics bemoan the loss of a chaotic spirit and creeping commercialism of our star attraction, it has been claimed that Edinburgh is among the most organised cities in Britain.

Apparently, 58 per cent of us use a diary or personal organiser while punctuality, preparation and organisation are traits we value highly.

Frankly, we think that’s rubbish and to prove it we’re calling on TOTT readers to rush to the streets in a show of glorious bedlam and anarchy. How are you fixed for two weeks on Tuesday at four?