Talk of the Town: Jordyn’s talent runs in the family

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HE was the overall winner of last year’s prestigious Edinburgh’s Got Talent competition.

Now the younger cousin of Gavin Blackie is hoping to follow in his musical footsteps. Talented Jordyn Hutchison is just one step away from making it into the finals of a UK-wide singing competition.

She will compete in the area final of the Open Mic UK contest in Manchester this Sunday and if she gets through she will secure herself a place in the finals in the O2 in London next year. Let’s hope winning runs in the genes.

Eyes to the front

NHS Lothian’s eHealth guru Martin Egan seems to have been watching Charlie Nicholas, the popular football pundit. He’s known for looking straight into the camera, even when he’s talking to the host.

And when he was interviewed at a health conference down south recently, Mr Egan seemed to be doing the same, gazing right into the lens as the interviewer sat next to him. Thankfully though, unlike Mr Nicholas, Mr Egan’s grammar and diction during the three-minute piece was spot on. You can see footage at

Pope has his collar felt

AS the head of the Catholic Church, His Holiness the Pope is infallible – although it seems nobody told German lawyers.

An unnamed plaintiff in Germany is reportedly considering pursuing the pontiff for not wearing a seatbelt during a visit to Friedberg in September.

A quick look back at pictures reveales Pope Benedict XVI was also unbuckled on his trip through the streets of the Capital. But local law enforcement shouldn’t get too excited. As head of state of the Vatican, the Pope is likely to enjoy diplomatic immunity.

Get away from it all

CASH-strapped Edinburgh residents are bracing themselves for a frugal festive season.

New research has revealed that 42 per cent of people will be cutting back on Christmas celebrations, with a quarter admitting that this year will be their most cost-conscious to date.

The survey of 3000 people by a cash prize draw website, also found that ten per cent of the Capital’s residents are so down in the dumps about Christmas this year that they are not looking forward to the festive season.

Which makes it no surprise that almost half (42 per cent) said it would be a dream come true to win a cash prize in the run-up to Christmas – and even less of one to find that most would use the money to get away from the foul Scottish weather.