Talk of the Town: Knock-back back to haunt bouncer

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RED faces all round for the bouncers who refused Hugh Grant entry to a Fringe show on Friday night because some members of his party could not produce proof of age. Thankfully not stooping to the level of “do you know who I am?” as the doorman in question had already made clear that a) he most certainly did, and b) he absolutely did not care, the Hollywood star apparently took the snub with good grace, and simply went elsewhere.

Someone else now going elsewhere is Eddie Pepitone, the comedian Grant had been attempting to see, who following the incident moved his show from The Tron to Just the Tonic at the Caves. TOTT wonders if the bouncers at The Tron are quite so bouncy today.

Pupils prove there’s no beating a real superhero

BATMAN, Spider-man and Superman have triumphed in the battle against modern-day heroes Harry Potter and Ben 10, according to a survey of primary school children.

It found that the traditional comic book heroes are still firm favourites decades after their first appearance in print.

Both infant and junior school pupils agreed that Spider-man was the ultimate hero. Web-slinging Peter Parker topped the poll with 15 per cent of the overall votes, while the mighty Buzz Lightyear and time-traveller Doctor Who trailed behind with just one per cent of the votes between them.

Paws to catch your breath

THE stereotype of the sporting wag is a shopaholic who sits around all day decorating their finger nails.

But for the soon-to-be Mrs Andy Murray – if yesterday’s reports on their upcoming nuptials are to be believed – the only painting she’ll doing will be to pay for her share of the household bills.

Kim Sears, who has been with Hibs fan Andy for six years, has had to stop taking commissions for her paintings because she is in such high demand.

The 24-year-old set up her business Brushes and Paws earlier this year and specialises in animal portraits. As she prepares to jet out to support the tennis star at the US Open, she wrote on her website: “This really is just a quick post to say thank you once more to everybody who has contacted me, most of you regarding commissions.

“I’m really sorry to say that I’m not taking any extras on right now. I’ve been absolutely swamped with enquiries.”