Talk of the Town: Let us spray Lynx seduces pandas

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IT has long been considered the preserve of teenage boys.

But now it seems the body spray Lynx has cross-species appeal – and could see Edinburgh Zoo’s panda Yang Guang get lucky with his female companion, Tian Tian.

Picky female pandas have only two or three fertile days a year when they might even consider mating.

Lynx has provided a five-figure sum to the zoo to help pay for daily tests of Tian Tian’s hormone levels and has even been allowed to put up “motivational posters” of the pandas together outside their enclosures in a bid to spark their interest.

Only time will tell if Tian Tian can resist the Lynx effect.

Diet firm aims to assist the fat arm of the law

WITH their doughnut-munching reputation, it might not come as a surprise that two-thirds of police officers are overweight.

And with podgy plods facing pay cuts, disciplinary action and even the sack if they fail new fitness tests, an Edinburgh-based diet brand is on the case.

Diet Chef has launched a special code – fittingly containing the numbers 999 – which has been issued to all police stations.

The firm will send officers a hamper full of food to stop them heading from the cop shop to the chip shop.

Still, you can’t help but think it’ll only make the blue line a bit thicker rather than a lot thinner.

Got any Blondie ambition?

THEY’RE hanging on the telephone.

One way or another, they’re determined to find a new keyboard player.

If you hanker for Harry and can bash out a tune or two, then a city tribute band might just be the act for you.

The Blondie fanatics play at venues across Edinburgh and the Lothians and they say that while experience of performing live is preferred, it is not essential.

The band’s front man, Gary, is pleading “call me” on 07926 758322.

Deborah herself may or may not be included.

Buy a strip of stamps

TALK of the Town just can’t resist giving this one big licks.

For the men who never grew up, the Royal Mail is launching a new set of stamps tomorrow featuring a host of comic book favourites.

From Desperate Dan to Roy of the Rovers and Dennis the Menace, there’s something for just about everyone.

Perhaps it might just spark off a new generation of stamp collectors.