Talk of the Town: Life’s a beach for football fanatics

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SOME would argue it’s a tall enough order for Scots to master the beautiful game on grass.

So you’d have to wonder how our ball skills would take to the sandy climes of the beach.

Sadly, though, we might not get the chance to find out. Edinburgh’s first beach soccer tournament – planned for Portobello later this month – has been, well, beached.

Logistical problems are to blame, but one thing for sure is that it wasn’t down to lack of interest.

Organisers insist it’s only been postponed and updates are available at and on Twitter at @EdinburghBS.

The only problem might be, especially with summer coming up, finding a sunny day.

Helping to ad-dress the needs of city homeless

SUIT you sir?

Tailors are urging owners of unwanted suits to donate them to homeless charities to help their members to get back to work.

A Suit That Fits is holding a collection on Thursday at Conference House, in Morrison Street, between 10am and 6pm as part of Suit For Success campaign.

“Wearing a suit has a massive effect on confidence – especially when looking for work,” says co-founder Warren Bennet.

Gives hobo chic a whole new meaning.

Epic news for Wallace

WE’VE had Braveheart and now it seems William Wallace is set to appear on the small screen – and be played by a Scot.

Nearly 20 years after Mel Gibson played him, Wallace will star in a new epic series made by STV and LA-based companies and written by Los Angeles-based Glaswegian Mick Davis.

Alan Clements, STV’s director of content likened the series to the current Spartacus TV show. A kilt and sandals epic then.

Poor little blighters

EDINBURGH children are amongst the lowest paid when it comes to pocket money – earning an average of just £8 per week compared with £12.83 in London.

Researchers have also found that Capital youngsters are more likely to have to work for their money compared with their southern neighbours.

As well as getting a weekly allowance, millions of children also pocketed extra cash by completing chores around the house.

We understand report of migrant child workers heading south in search of better wage conditions are unfounded.