Talk of the Town: Lightbody on Patrol for new threads

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REGULAR readers of our Capital Catwalk section on Mondays will know this city is all about style. So it comes as no surprise that the rich and famous are making the most of what our stores have to offer.

Gary Lightbody, of Snow Patrol fame, tweeted yesterday: “Going out to buy a suit in Edinburgh.”

But he then revealed that the inside of a shop changing room is all his Capital followers are likely to see of his new threads by adding: “It’s not for a court appearance. The University of Ulster are giving me an honorary doctorate on Tuesday.”

Witness the birth of a new superhero or two

IT’S an event sure to draw out the crowds. The Scottish Book Trust has joined forces with the BBC’s new-writing competition My Favourite Place and for the first time will be accepting graphic fiction, with a comic-making workshop planned.

Would-be animators and writers are urged to attend Looking Glass Books at Quartermile on July 17 from 2pm to 4pm, where new superheroes are sure to be born.

In search of the missing sun

SUMMER is upon us – no really, it is – and that means waves of tourists will be flocking upon the Capital from the four corners of the globe.

In a bid to offer a helping hand, hotel chain Jurys Inn has compiled a guide of local phrases to help visitors blend in and feel at home.

Covering cities and towns across the UK, it offers stereotypical sayings such as “Why Aye Mate” in Newcastle and “Top o’ ye mornin’ ter ya” in Belfast. The advice for visitors to Edinburgh is a comparatively bland “Guid Mornin’”, but Talk of the Town reckons they’re more likely to utter: “What time does the sun come up?”

Hayfever ruins the mood

AT this time of year, the outdoors can be miserable enough for hayfever sufferers.

And it seems that there’s no refuge for them even in their own homes – or bedrooms, more specifically. New warning show that sufferers face a sex slump as a result of high pollen counts.

Toilet tissue firm Kleenex claims that nearly two-thirds of people would be put off getting intimate with someone suffering with acute hayfever symptoms.

And one in five sufferers admitted to having less sex when their symptoms are at their worst, with men the worst affected. Which all leaves hayfever victims with just another reason for watery eyes.