Talk of the town: Lothian Bus trip a Thai-light

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AH, the Far East, full of exoticism that us freezing, windswept Scots could only dream of. Imagine being driven along the coast of a Thai beach in a luxurious... Lothian Bus?

One eagle-eyed News reader was rather surprised on arriving in Thailand to spot this sign at the tourist information centre. Whatever the reasons behind their choice, Thai tourist chiefs must have spent months trying to find one where the sky was actually blue.

Land of the rising fun for Hoy’s translation

RETIRED cycling hero Sir Chris Hoy was poking fun at online translators after receiving an e-mail from a Japanese friend asking him if “it is busy because it took part in the Olympics”.

Followers on the social networking site Twitter joked that the e-mail – which had been translated by a web program – sounded like it had been written by either Lord of the Rings character Gollum or Star Wars jedi Yoda.

The Freeman of Edinburgh replied: “Laughing I am.”

On the wrong key

EXPERTS at St Andrews University want to spell the end for the QWERTY keyboard.

They reckon a new KALQ system – named after the order the keys would appear on the hardware – would make typing 34 per cent faster.

But we reckon the spellcheck might just eat up any time saved.

Short Beck and sides?

She may still be under two but Harper Seven Beckham has already been voted as the celebrity child with the best hair style – according to a new poll.

The youngest Beckham was followed in second place by Gwen Stefani’s son, Kingston Rossdale.