Talk of the Town: Lowering the tone in city courtroom

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MEMBERS of the public whose mobile phones start ringing inside a courtroom are regularly told off and even ejected.

But a solicitor was left shame-faced yesterday after her ringtone sounded loudly in the middle of a hearing at Edinburgh Sheriff Court with the opening bars of the classic song, Bad to the Bone.

As laughter erupted, the embarrassed solicitor tried to locate her phone inside her flowing black robes then dashed through a side door to make an escape.

Only minutes earlier, a member of the gallery awaiting their turn in the dock had been warned about their phone going off. Unfortunately, the ringtone wasn’t a rendition of Jailhouse Rock.

Did Beeb mean to rain on Labour leader’s parade?

POLITICAL types who tuned into the BBC News channel on Saturday to follow the live coverage of the Scottish Labour leadership result were left none the wiser after the Beeb abandoned the event in Edinburgh’s Point Hotel just as the announcement was about to be made – and went to the weather.

Viewers saw the preamble from party officials but were denied the final result until the presenter revealed – after the forecast and a couple of trailers – that Johann Lamont had won. One bemused politico said: “It’s a bit much if the BBC think the rain is more interesting than the Labour leader.”

Zoo’s singing out for gifts

IT can be hard enough finding presents for friends and family at this time of year – so pity the poor keepers at Edinburgh Zoo.

After all, what do you get for primates and penguins? Well, much like difficult cousins, it seems CDs and jumpers are the order of the day.

The zoo has put out an appeal for people to donate unwanted gifts, with jumpers top of the chimpanzees’ wishlist, while CDs and DVDs suit the penguins.

Anyone with an item is asked to get in touch with the Edinburgh Zoo Enrichment Team – so if the latest SuBo collection isn’t to your liking, send it to a good home.

Only if you can stomach it

IT’S the blood red tomato juice concoction laced with vodka that only the brave reach for after Hogmanay.

But Edinburgh Dungeon is challenging its first 100 visitors to throw a Bloody Mary down the hatch after its tours on New Year’s Day.

Manager Johnny Campbell said the drink was suited to the tour after relishing in “all things bloody and gory”.