Talk of the Town: Make a stand by taking a seat

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WHETHER or not it’s been driven by a fear former Hearts manager Jim Jefferies could send Hibs down in his new guise as Dunfermline boss is up for debate.

For the Easter Road club has begun a community drive to get more bums on seats.

Residents in Leith and Newhaven yesterday received leaflets from delivery boys and girls in Hibs strips urging them to support their local team.

The leaflet says: “There’s a seat for everybody at Easter Road”.

Given average attendances this season of less than 10,000, Talk of the Town can’t argue with that.

Big Yin imposter’s bluff blown by his big mouth

WORKERS at Popeye’s in Portobello High Street were astonished when the flowing locks and purple goatee of a superstar Glaswegian comedian happened to pass by the cafe recently.

A waitress at the cafe said she could have sworn it was Billy Connolly. A colleague even dashed out to see if it was the man himself.

“It looked exactly like him,” she said. “He had the hair, the little beard, everything.”

Apparently, the individual even tried to pass himself off as the Big Yin. He almost had the waitress fooled – until, that is, he started to speak. “I was told it was a foreign accent,” said the waitress. “I don’t know where from – but definitely foreign.”

But, as one passer-by observed: “Perhaps it was just Weegie.”

Become part of Pond’s life

FANS are being offered the chance to live out their dream on the silver screen with the Doctor’s flame-haired sidekick.

But it will cost.

Former Telford College pupil Karen Gillan is set to appear in new romantic comedy Not Another Happy Ending but its makers need to raise another £50,000 to finance the flick and they’re hoping fans will foot the bill in exchange for a small part.

Stunning Karen bows out as the Doctor’s assistant, Amy Pond, halfway through the seventh series later this year.

Perhaps a trip in the Tardis could reveal how it all turns out.

Looking on the bright side

IT just wasn’t to be this time.

Students at Edinburgh Napier University lost out in their bid for the institution to lead the UK “switch off” for Earth Hour next Saturday night.

But, rest assured, they’re not too despondent. They sent Talk of the Town a picture of themselves “celebrating” being named runners-up.

One might say it proves they’re far from ticked off.