Talk of the Town: McKidd got break by scaring the tourists

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HE was a down-on-his-luck junkie in Trainspotting, a luckless squaddie in Dog Soldiers and a no-luck-at-all Roman in Rome – but Kevin McKidd has enjoyed a lot of good fortune in his career.

His first big break came through providing shocks to tourists in the Capital, and the actor says he had a knack for it.

“I scared lots of people, that’s the point,” he said. “You’re guaranteed to be scared out of your living wits. Some people seem to get caught up in it, Japanese tourists especially.”

Oliver backs Scottish food in college course

HE has opened his own Italian restaurant in the heart of the Capital, but it seems celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is also a fan of Scottish cuisine – and has even agreed to endorse culinary courses at a Scottish college for the first time.

West Lothian College is the first in Scotland to run courses backed by the top chef, although rather than an English twist on haggis, Oliver is instead promoting a course offering the chance to learn how to prepare healthy cost-effective meals.

Trams moving shock

THE Capital tram project is lurching along to its inevitable finish, but some people are still amazed the passenger-carrying elements themselves actually work, with one astonished local admitting to being “shocked” at seeing the trams “actually moving” along the short test track at Gogar.

Eagles trouble at zoo

EAGLES are nothing but trouble, it seems. Just after managing to recapture one missing eagle, Edinburgh Zoo staff found that their pair of Stellers Sea Eagles were rather unwilling video stars – with a mobile camera trap placed in the enclosure coming under attack by the pair.