Talk of the Town: Moan Grainger’s upwardly mobile

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GIVEN that they are used to keep track of photos, documents and correspondence, it’s little wonder that losing a mobile phone now rates as one of life’s most stressful sufferings.

And for a few days, Hearts defender Danny Grainger – currently kicking his heels on the sidelines following surgery – knew exactly how that felt as he bemoaned on Twitter the loss of his phone at Fort Kinnaird, and with it dozens of pictures of his son.

But he happily reported yesterday that the device had been discovered. He said: “There are some decent people around.”

Must be the season of goodwill after all.

Philip’s ready for battle

IT’S certainly one way to add a new dimension to your life.

Philip Wilson, from Edinburgh, has turned into a 3D version of James Douglas – the Scottish knight famous for his personal vendetta against Edward I for killing his father and one of Robert the Bruce’s trusted lieutenants.

He’s one of six volunteers from across the UK chosen to become the faces of a range of characters to mark the 700th anniversary of the historic battle.

The winners will be featured in the brand new Bannockburn visitor centre opening in time for the 700th anniversary of the battle in 2014.

Bruise sorry now?

ELBOWS will be flying as shoppers stampede to pick up last-minute stocking fillers in the final few days of retail mania before Christmas.

But if you’re on the streets of the Capital then it might pay to go dressed in full body armour and armed with a shield.

That’s because Princes Street has been declared – by – as the second most dangerous shopping street in the UK.

Its research found that bruises, sores, sprains, swelling and broken bones had all been reported.

We haven’t even seen snow yet.

We’re all emotional Wrex

WE may have an answer to all that mayhem on our main shopping street – it could be that shoppers are being tripped up by their own bottom lips.

A study has found that the good people of Edinburgh are not at all cheery about the prospect of Christmas, and that our Glaswegian cousins have well and truly trumped us when it comes to good tidings.

Only the residents of Wrexham have a worse time on December 25 than us, says Price Runner.

Yeah, but we’re just saving ourselves for the world’s best new year party.