Talk of the town: Naked ambition

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Edinburgh Olympic athlete Linsey Sharp has revealed she may have to run nude in front of 45,000 fans at a track meeting in the US tomorrow, joking on Twitter she has no GB or Nike race kit.

It prompted a teammate to inquire just exactly where she planned to pin her number.

Love it to death: Dali, Alice’s pal, passes

NOWADAYS he prefers a gentle round of golf – but to rock fans, Alice Cooper is best remembered for wielding a slippery snake rather than a sand wedge.

But sad news reaches TOTT after it was revealed Dali, an eight-foot long boa constrictor which has appeared on stage with the singer since 1998, has died after suffering pneumonia.

The reptile was owned by Bill Crowe, from East Linton, who will now be supplying Cooper with another snake for his next tour.

It’s all just a cordial misunderstanding

WE’VE had defence, Europe and currency . . . but now the independence debate could really be about to heat up.

Radio presenter Nicky Campbell sparked confusion on BBC 5Live yesterday morning when he referred to “diluting juice”.

Edinburgh-born Nicky used the term while describing a supermarket trip to his English co-presenter Rachel Burden.

A confused Burden quizzed: “Is that a posh name for cordial? It was squash at my house.”

Henman hell again?

TIM Henman takes on Goran Ivanisevic when legends’ tennis comes to Stockbridge in June.

They met in the 2001 Wimbledon semi-final, which Goran won after a three-day, rain-interrupted encounter.

Given the meeting is in Edinburgh, in summer, who would rule out a repeat scenario?