Talk of the Town: Never too early to look out for trams

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FEW people accuse those behind the tram project of doing things too quickly.

But as this photographic evidence proves, contractors have jumped the gun ever so slightly at Edinburgh Park.

While it’s always good advice to look out for high-speed carriages hurtling towards you, anyone within close proximity of a tram line in Edinburgh still has a while to wait before coming under serious threat.

Still, it’s reassuring to know at this stage that the trams will travel in both directions.

Slimy squid is Hallowe’en treat for Morag and Heather

HALLOWE’EN treats will be dished out aplenty tonight, but two residents at Scotland’s national aquarium have already had their fill.

Keepers at Deep Sea World decided to provide seals Morag and Heather with a surprise by hiding a selection of fish and squid inside a giant squash.

“For many people the thought of a pumpkin filled to overflowing with slimy squid and chopped up pieces of fish would be their worst nightmare,” said Deep Sea World’s Aisling Thornton.

Not wrong . . . we’ll stick with the monkey nuts, thanks.

007 boosts sales of suits

JAMES Bond fever is spreading uncontrollably, and it seems even the dapper gents of the Capital are getting in on the act.

To coincide with the release of 007’s latest adventure in Skyfall, news reaches Talk of the Town that sales of grey, navy and pinstriped men’s suits are up 68 per cent – with 76 per cent more black ties also flying off the shelves.

The figures come courtesy of a major retailer, but whether the super spy shops at George at Asda, we really couldn’t say.

Renew vows to land record

IF your first marriage gave you the taste for it, then here’s the perfect excuse to do it all over again.

Couples are being sought to renew their vows on Valentine’s Day as part of a bid to land a new Guinness World Record.

The London bash includes a dinner and dance, with fine wines and a band.

E-mail Duncan on for further details.