Talk of the Town: New dad Paul gets it in neck over tie

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EDUCATION convener Paul Godzik has just become a father for the first time – and was duly congratulated at last week’s full council meeting.

But council leader Andrew Burns could not resist pointing out: “Paul’s lack of sleep led him to forget to put his tie on.”

However, support for the open-necked councillor came from the equally tie-less Green group leader Steve Burgess, who offered Cllr Godzik “congratulations on the birth of his son and the loss of his tie”.

It’s goodbye from him

MANY comedians have been complaining of the influx of young whippersnappers flooding the circuit and leaving some older hands on the bench. However, Edinburgh-born funnyman Ronnie Corbett is having the opposite problem, as up-and-comer Darren Maskell is instead doing everything he can to get him off one.

Transport body Sustrans launched a campaign to put portraits on benches along a new cycle route in Croydon, with pint-sized Corbett being among those nominated. But thanks to an internet campaign, the relatively unknown Maskell is now attracting hundreds of votes.

Maskill said: “When you see these statues to minor celebrities it doesn’t mean much to people. But if there was a statue of somebody they didn’t know, it would be a talking point.”

Sealed with a kiss

HE is one of the big names you’d have thought would have jumped on the Twitter train before it left the station.

But while it’s taken pop mogul Simon Cowell a while to become one on the cool kids, he made sure one of his first messages was to one of his main pocket-liners. Our own Susan Boyle has done more than her fair share of fattening the X Factor founder’s wallet and was duly rewarded when Cowell tweeted: “Hi. This is to Susan Boyle. Hi Susan. Loved you on Children In Need. Have fun. X.”

Subo, who famously said she had never been kissed, would no doubt have been heartened by the cyber smooch.

Woolly thinking

IT’S almost a year since Tian Tian and Yang Guang arrived in the Capital – and now Edinburgh Zoo has welcomed another giant panda pair.

Woolly versions of the duo have taken pride of place at the attraction’s main entrance.

But given the winter weather we’re expecting, TOTT can’t help but think they’d have been better off knitting jumpers for the Chinese guests.