Talk of the Town: Nobody pucks with Capitals’ enforcer

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HOLLYWOOD’S latest antihero is a violent hockey player more adept at punching people in the face than picking up the puck.

But for those who don’t fancy the silver screen’s latest Goon, Edinburgh has its very own live version in local ice hockey enforcer Jozef Sladok.

The 6ft 4in star of the Edinburgh Capitals, who also trains in the brutal Muay Thai combat sport, was involved in an impressive six fights in three games when he first started playing in the Ontario Hockey League, aged 18.

The 23-year-old Slovakian, whose fights can be watched in all their gory glory on YouTube, added: “Every team needs an enforcer. You are like a policeman on the ice because if someone on the other team is playing dirty, or intimidating your smaller, more skilful players, then it’s your job to go out there and put a stop to it.

“And if that means dropping the gloves and fighting the player who is taking liberties, then so be it.”

Some bedtime reading for Evening News reporter

IN these times of recession, we’re all taking a bit more of a DIY approach to things to save money.

We can only assume that’s the explanation for the latest book to arrive on our health reporter’s desk, Make Your Own Aphrodisiacs.

Anyone for a cup of Horny Goat Weed Tea?

It’s a pun at one

EDINBURGH is already famous for the One o’Clock Gun, which reminds locals when it’s time to break for lunch and also gives them a chance to laugh at startled tourists once a day.

But now the Capital’s favourite cannon has taken on a new form.

Yes, joining the ranks of Twitter is the One O’Clock Pun.

@OneOClockPun promises “The Funpowder Plot, every day at 1pm”.

So far followers have been treated to gems including “Now there’s piles of unwanted Disney DVDs dumped on my street corner. They’re just taking the Mickey”, or the classic “Shouldn’t we all be recycling our Christmas trees instead of dumping them on the street? A Norwegian would”.

Hair-raising prospect

EVERYONE has a tale about a bad hair day, but it seems some people are letting their wild follicles ruin their lives.

Nearly one in ten city residents has cancelled plans because their barnet is so unruly, according to hair loss expert Nanogen.

And a third think the prospect of a better job has escaped them because of their wilting locks.

All of which begs the question: haven’t they heard of hats? Or wigs?