Talk of the Town: Not just motoring but cooking, too

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IT sounds like a fry-by-night operation, but turns out it’s the real thing.

The Green Man And Van company has opened shop in Edinburgh, with its vehicles running on old cooking oil.

The firm offers green-friendly storage and office moves, with reduced rates for charities.

Director Stewart Arbuckle explains: “We source recycled cooking oil locally – meaning we’re sending less harmful pollutants out into Edinburgh’s beautiful streets.

But, sadly, no mention of whether it takes vinegar or salt and sauce.

Choose McAvoy, Welsh tells doubtful fan

FANS of Irvine Welsh who feared the latest film adaptation of his books would slip by unnoticed have been firmly reassured – by the writer himself.

After one fan questioned the casting of James McAvoy in the lead role of Filth, the Leith
author blasted back: “James McAvoy gives probably the best solo acting performance I’ve ever seen and completely nails the character.”

Anyone else want to argue?

Warm-hearted gesture

SHOPPERS will be familiar with the bite-size temptations laid on by major retailers to whet the appetite and drive sales.

Morsels of fudge, a cocktail sausage and small samples of red wine are common giveaways – but tomorrow a team of big-hearted volunteers will be offering a warming freebie with a difference.

Rather than luring consumers to flash the cash, they will be handing out bowls of porridge to passers-by in return for donations to help the city’s homeless population.

The giveaway, run by the team behind the annual Festival of Spirituality and Peace in Edinburgh, will take place on the terrace outside St John’s Church between 8am and 1pm.

You’ll have had your poll

WE’RE a city of grumps, moans and sour-faced scrooges – that’s all the research ever tells us.

Now, another survey, by, has (wrongly) tarnished Edinburgh as a haven of meanies after the Capital came second in a ranking of British bargain-hunters.

“These figures show people who are looking for discounts on everything,” said website founder Daire McCarthy.

Mr McCarthy should do his own research on our parsimonious Capital . . . does he have any idea how much we spent on those trams?